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Start your engines

To mark the debut of stage 006, I'm excited to present a fun interactive game! The competition will take place between June 15th and 17th, and the participants with the 3 highest scores will be awarded a unique NFT, inspired by the trophy from the World Rally Championship.


Only owners of Stage 004 or Stage 005 can participate (wallets will be checked)

In the game above, press 'play now' to begin (only viewable on desktop). The game may take a minute to load.

Get familiar with the keyboard controls. 

Once you're ready, select Time Trial.

Select Country Australia, Stage 1 Broomehill.

Choose any car you wish.

Finish the first level & take a screenshot (or right click on the screen + click take screen shot) of your time-trial score and post it on Twitter or Instagram and tag me

You can re-try as many times as you like, but only one entry will be accepted, so post your best score!

The challenge will be open for 48hrs only!

The top 3 people with the fastest times will win a custom NFT!

Good luck racers 

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