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What is 64-Bit Memories?

64-Bit Memories is a digital art collection that takes you on a nostalgic journey through the golden era of gaming, bringing back all those epic memories from the '90s and early 2000s! The glory days baby!

Which video games will be explored?

The beauty of 64-Bit Memories lies in its ever-evolving nature. While there isn't a specific list of games set in stone just yet, the artist behind this collection has some seriously cool ideas up their sleeve. But here's the really awesome part: if you're the proud owner of one of our 'Stage 006' NFTs, you get to have a say in which games we explore next. That's right, you'll have the power to vote and shape the future of this collection!


64-Bit Memories is an art collection by visual artist Aymeric. He's specialises in all sorts of wizardry, but enjoys creating works that explore video games and cinema. You can check out some of his other work here.

nfts? you gotta be kidding meeeeeee

Hey, no worries, my friend! We totally get where you're coming from. We're all about celebrating the art and the pure joy of gaming and nostalgia here. We're not here to push any crypto hype or get caught up in the crypto bros and degens scene. Our focus is purely on the artwork and creating an immersive experience that takes you back to the good old days of gaming and blockchain technology allows us to achieve this on a more complex level! So, kick back, relax, and let's dive into a world of creativity and nostalgia together, leaving all the crypto stuff behind. It's all about the art and the love of gaming, no strings attached!

What are "stages"?

Get ready for an epic adventure through the world of gaming with our 'Stages' concept. Each video game we explore in the collection will be divided into different stages. Think of it as levels in a game. Each stage takes you deeper into the story, exploring concepts from that particular game and offering a unique and immersive experience within the digital art journey.

How do you progress to new stages?

To unlock the next stage and continue your journey, you'll need to engage in a little bit of digital magic. We use a process called 'burning,' where you'll need to 'burn' the previous stage to unlock the next one. This process will only be available for a limited time during specific 'burn windows.' Once a burn window closes, you'll have to keep an eye out for future burn windows or buy one of the artworks on the secondary market, needed for progression.

Stay tuned and make sure to follow Aymeric on Twitter or Instagram to be in the know about upcoming burn windows and exciting updates. It's like being part of an exclusive club where you get to uncover new stages in live time with others and be at the forefront of the 64-Bit Memories adventure. Get ready to level up!

What is burning?

Burning is a unique concept in the world of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that we've incorporated into the 64-Bit Memories experience. When we talk about "burning" a token, it means you're essentially "deleting" that specific token from the contract. Once burned, that token ID can no longer be used or accessed again. It's a way to signify that you've completed a particular stage and are ready to level up to something even more awesome. When you burn a token, you receive a new one. Some stages are free to burn, some require a little ETH to progress. We're not asking for much, just enough to maintain the project. 

What if I want to keep the artwork but progress onto the next stage?

We totally understand if you want to keep and cherish the artwork from a specific stage while still progressing through the collection. Here's the deal: to move on to the next stage, you'll need to burn an NFT. However, fear not! You can always acquire additional NFTs from the secondary market on OpenSea. This way, you can collect and keep all the artworks in that particular series without having to part ways with any specific piece. The choice is yours—whether to hold onto them for your personal collection or burn them to unlock further stages and explore even more mind-blowing artwork. It's all about finding that perfect balance between progress and preserving the gems you adore.

I missed the first mint, how can I participate in the burn journey?

Missed out on the first mint and thus can't join in on the burn experience? No problemo. Just hop onto Opensea, pick up one of the required Stage NFTs when the burn is live and you can jump on in and participate. Easy-level difficulty unlocked.


That's the game friend! Unfortunately, you need to be on point and keeping up to date with the burn activations, as once they're done, they're done. This is done to keep the experience fresh and fun for those participating. But don't fret, there will always be a game with a live burning experience occurring. So in the mean time, if you have a particular connection to a game that has passed, you can always pick up the works on secondary (Opensea) to add to your collection.

What blockchain is it minted on?

We're proud to mint our 64-Bit Memories collection on the Ethereum blockchain, utilising our very own ERC1155 contract with the help of Manifold. By leveraging the power and security of Ethereum, we ensure that each artwork is verifiably unique and securely stored on the blockchain.

What's the supply?

When it comes to the supply of our artworks, we like to keep things exciting and dynamic. Instead of setting specific numbers in stone, we prefer to mint the works in open editions, giving most people the chance to own an artwork and allowing each collection to evolve organically. Some collections may consist of several stages, while others may feature only a few. It keeps the experience fresh and allows us to continually surprise and delight our community.

wen utility?

Wen lambo? Wen warthog? Wen arwing? The utility of our NFTs lies in the incredible art itself and the immersive live burning experience and games. Owning one of our NFTs grants you exclusive access to participate in our "Bonus Rounds." These Bonus Rounds are special challenges and activities where collectors can showcase their skills and compete for the chance to win additional artworks. It's a thrilling opportunity to engage with the community, show off your expertise, and walk away with even more amazing digital artworks. So get ready to unleash your competitive spirit and dive into the interactive world of 64-Bit Memories!


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